fall wardrobe planning



My 10×10 challenge made me see that my wardrobe is in serious need of a tweaking. I know what I want my looks to say: ELEVATED, SIMPLE, COOL. Now I just need to make the pieces in my wardrobe convey that look and work for my lifestyle. I loosely followed Into Mind’s free wardrobe planner and here’s what I came up with.

1| Describe your goal style in 3 words. Done and done. It is the title of this blog.

2| Do you have any style goals or shopping resolutions? Where do I begin? I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and I have several:

  • Shop for quality, not quantity. I know this phrase gets tossed around a lot, but as I was writing about my 10×10 I realized that I own very few pieces that are over a year old.
  • When shopping, think about outfits, not just pieces. Even though I gravitate towards simple pieces, I still end up with items that I only really wear with one other thing.
  • Feel good about every addition to my wardrobe. I recently bought a blouse from Banana, wore it once, it snagged, and I realized I wasn’t even that sad to see it go. No bueno.
  • Shop responsibly and support independent brands and makers that are producing beautiful goods. I will attempt to make all new purchases from brands that focus on environmental sustainability and/or ethical labor practices. That being said, I’m not about to toss out all of my Banana Republic jeans just to replace them with new made-in-the-USA denim. That seems just as unresponsible as buying mainstream brands in the first place. Instead, I plan to keep wearing my current faves until they wear out.

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fall 10×10

Fall is here! Though in ATL that may still mean we’re in for 80+ degree days. No matter the temp, with fall comes the urge to re-analyze and refresh my wardrobe. Inspired by the lovely Caroline of Un-Fancy and Lee the Style Bee, I’m embarking on the 10X10 style challenge as a way to hone my personal style. I’ve been feeling in a bit of a rut lately, with the cliche closet full of nothing to wear. I think my tastes have been evolving over the past year but my wardrobe hasn’t quite caught up. Narrowing down my choices was surprisingly easy as I realized I don’t actually love a lot of my wardrobe anymore. Here are the 10 items that made the cut:

 1| BLACK VEST by Sam Edelman, NA – an easy but unusual layering piece. An old impulse buy that has worked out surprisingly well.
2| JEAN JACKET by Gap – another easy layer. Perfect for early fall temps in ATL.
3| BOX-CUT TEE by Everlane – Oh, Everlane Box Cut Tee, how do I love thee? My perfect white t-shirts.
4| PRINT SILK TANK by Madewell, NA – this one has a print that’s noticeable but neutral and is a flattering cut.
5| STRIPED S/S TEE by Everlane – Honestly I only picked this one because I liked it the most of what was left in my closet.
6| STRIPED T-SHIRT DRESS by Everlane – I can’t wait to try styling this one over jeans.
7| BLACK SKINNY JEAN by Banana Republic, NA – a flattering, comfortable, go to.
8| BLUE HIGH-WAIST SKINNY JEAN (new-ish) by Banana Republic, NA – I’ve realized lately that I prefer a high-waisted jean. It’s more flattering on me, and no cringey plumber shot when I’m moving around the store.
9| BILLIE BOOTS IN TAUPE by Madewell – my favorite booties. I wore these almost every day last winter and plan a repeat performance this year.
10| CHUNKY HIGH SANDALS IN BLACK by Madewell – I actually need to replace these. My feet slide out of them way too easily, but I definitely wanted to include more of an evening option.

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