spring 10×10 part five

The Final Chapter!

download (1)

Also, I finally found a more attractive spot to take photos at home. I actually made a switch in my 10 items for this look. I traded out my black & white patterned silk tank for this black & white patterned silk button-down (old by Everlane). It’s just a little too chilly still for bare arms. And this look actually ended up being one of my favorites! I used to love this top, but lately it’s been feeling a little stale with my usual straight jeans. Pairing it with these wide leg crops feels totally fresh, and I love the shape created by tucking the top into the high-waist. Will definitely file this one for future use.

download (4)

Got creative with my Michael Stars dress again for day eight, and this is another favorite look that’s also extremely comfortable. Just, once again, not quite work-friendly enough with the lack of pockets. Luckily, didn’t have to do too much this day – just met my mom for lunch and to plan some upcoming travel (we’re going to Paris together this fall!)


Last day! It’s funny, this wasn’t really one of my favorite looks on, but looking at the photos it looks pretty good. Maybe will try it again, but for now, I just can’t wait to get back to the rest of my closet!


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