spring 10×10 part four

download (7)

Day six brings my first time wearing this Michael Stars dress for the challenge (Also Gus’ first appearance on the blog!) – I love the dress, it’s flattering and comfortable, but I realized the lack of pockets make it a no-go for work. I stayed home sick from work today, so it was a day of nothing but a few errands and relaxing at home. This look was even comfy enough for an afternoon nap! I definitely need to only shop for light jackets and vests with pockets in the future.

download (8)

Day seven was a short office day so I wore the skirt, but I’m honestly re-considering my a-line minis. While my work is super casual and skirt length isn’t really an issue, I just spend too much time running around, bending over, even climbing ladders to really make short skirts feasible. I still love the silhouette, but I may relegate it to my non-working wardrobe. Also, I’m not really loving the skirt with the volume of my T top. I don’t know that I would have tried pairing these items if not for the 10×10, so now I know!


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