spring 10×10 part three

download (9)

Back on track with my 10×10 – we’ve got a fun weekend with an out of town wedding planned in Savannah. Friday is road trip day, so it’s all about comfort. My slouchy T top, Levi’s and flat mules, plus my Emma kimono for the car air conditioning. This is my first time layering anything over my T top, and it works better than I thought it would. I think it helps that both pieces have the same loose, draped shoulder silhouette.

download (5)

For Saturday, I wanted something cute but comfortable for a bit of exploring in downtown Savannah in our free time before the wedding. Another first today – I’ve never paired the kimono with a skirt, and again, it works better than I thought it would – since the skirt is short I still have a basically slim (i.e. bare) silhouette on the bottom. Again, I think the cuffing of the sleeves on my kimono make the top proportions work better.

The evenings and Sunday will be a break from the 10×10 for me…too busy catching up with old friends, merry-making, dancing and brunching…see you next week!




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