spring 10×10 part two

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For day three of my 10×10, I broke out my favorite shirt – the T top by Jamie & the Jones. I really love this top. I bought it last fall, and it’s one of the most expensive pieces of clothing I’ve bought for myself (other than shoes or bags), but I never get tired of wearing it. I’ve gotten a little tired of all my button-downs, and this fills that hole in my wardrobe perfectly: it’s interesting, easy, and more polished than a t-shirt.

Today should be day four, but I’m actually taking a one-day break. I’ve got a big work meeting so I’m wearing my version of a power suit. It’s still basically jeans and a t-shirt, but I added my sharpest vest and a more polished pair of heels (plus my jeans that aren’t frayed at the hems). That, and my favorite nude-beige, pulled-together lip color (Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Bare) in my pocket, and I’m good to go.


Although I just noticed that my right sleeve is bunched strangely in this photo, I’m wondering why I didn’t include some of these pieces in my 10×10 – namely, the Sam Edelman vest. It was part of the 10×10 I did last fall and I love its versatility. It looks great over dresses, and it has pockets which I’m sorely missing in my Elizabeth Suzann kimono. I feel great in this outfit – like myself, but at my best. Put together but still simple and cool.


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