spring 10×10


Yes, I’m jumping on the 10×10 bandwagon again. It’s just such a good way to really hone in on which aspects of my closet are working well for me and which aren’t. Excuse the less than attractive backdrop, but this corner of our computer/workout room has the best lighting! I am being a little more flexible with this 10×10 as I have an out of town wedding this weekend – I’m more or less planning to have my 10 days just be Mon-Fri, two weeks in a row. My day 1 look is above, and keep reading for my 10 items plus day 2.

My 10 items:

  1. Elizabeth Suzann Emma kimono, 6 mos old
  2. Gap striped long-sleeve, 3 mos old (version I would buy now here)
  3. Madewell printed silk crop tank, last spring (similar cut here)
  4. Jamie & the Jones T top, 6 mos old
  5. Levi’s wedgie fit jean in cone denim, christmas gift
  6. Everlane crop wide-leg pant, new
  7. Zara denim mini, last spring
  8. Michael Stars ruched midi dress, easter gift from Mom
  9. Nisolo mules, new
  10. Tom’s heeled mules, last spring (similar style here)

My first look, above, was a pretty simple go-to work look for me – nothing particularly exciting. This silk tank was one of my most worn items last summer – it’s the piece that made me realize I favor a slightly cropped top length. So far, I’m not quite as excited about it this year – I think I may be over prints, with the exception of classic stripes.

download (4)

For day two I broke out my new Everlane wide legs – man, I love these pants! They’re comfortable and flattering, sturdy and soft. I thought I would prefer them with a heel, but as long as I have something fitted up top, I think flats look better – I tried this look with my black heeled mules and it felt a little too fussy. I also really appreciate the tiny bit of interest the long necklace (by Another Feather) adds to the look.


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