long time no see: a/w 16 in review

Back in a wardrobe planning headspace after beaucoup time spent elsewhere, which, honestly, is good – the whole point of my lean closet mission to enjoy time devoted to other things. I’ve currently been planning my spring wardrobe, which first necessitates some review.

First, I pulled up my 2016 fall wardrobe planning post to check in with myself. These were my personal style goals last season:

  • Shop for quality, not quantity. I did okay with this goal. I bought fewer pieces than in the past, and I bought higher quality items than in the past. I still caved in to a few fast fashion impulses, though, namely an ivory Loft moto cardigan and one too many pairs of Madewell jeans (I found a style I loved and immediately bought a second pair in a different wash which I ended up never wearing. Lesson: let one of a good thing be enough).
  • When shopping, think about outfits, not just pieces. I did much better with this goal – almost all of my a/w purchases have proven to be very versatile.
  • Feel good about every addition to my wardrobe. Similar to my first goal – in fact, the two seem to go hand in hand. I also definitely noticed that pieces I lusted after from afar longer ended up being my most worn.
  • Shop responsibly and support independent brands and makers that are producing beautiful goods. I definitely improved a great deal in this category, and discovered some new favorites in the process. I still bought from old standbys Madewell and Loft, but the majority of my a/w purchases came from independent/ethical designers that I now love: Amour Vert, Elizabeth Suzann, Another Feather jewelry, and (my favorite!) Jamie & The Jones. Plus Levi’s American Cone Mills denim from Mom for Christmas (thanks Mom!) and more Everlane basics.

In addition, last fall I listed three specific styles I wanted to try:

  1. Break away from skinny jeans. Huge success with this one – straight leg jeans are now my preferred shape, and I’m even venturing into wide-leg territory.
  2. Try more slouchy, drapey top silhouettes. Another huge success. My super slouchy Jamie & The Jones T top was my most worn and loved item last season.
  3. Accessorize. A semi success. I did wear my Madewell neck scarves pretty regularly, but sometimes it felt a little forced. The Another Feather necklace I bought was exactly what I was looking for, but I find myself often forgetting to wear it. Still need more work on my accessories game.

Stay tuned later this week for Spring planning and purchases so far.


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