10×10, days three & four

Day 3

Today was a sad, sad day. I was just re-discovering and falling in love all over again with my Billie boots after they had been packed away all summer. Alas, at work today I dropped an entire can of woodstain which, of course, spattered my boots completely. A couple of hours of surgery with a suede eraser (and even a razor – that woodstain went deep!) got them in wearable condition but there’s still a large, noticeable spot on the right toe. In better news, I am really loving this black vest. I normally only wear it in summer, but after thinking about all the ways I can style it for the 10×10 makes me realize I should keep it in my closet year-round. This one is a few years old by Sam Edelman, and I will say it’s pilled slightly from wear. Fingers crossed that Elizabeth Suzann brings back a version of the Keaton duster for warm weather 2017; that will be the perfect replacement.

vest (NA) by Sam Edelman | silk tank (NA) by Madewell | skinny denim (NA) by Banana Republic | BILLIE BOOT by Madewell

Day 3

Another simple one. Pretty much day 1 with the top switched out. Easy and comfortable.

DENIM JACKET by Gap | STRIPE CREW TEE by Everlane | skinny jean (NA) by Banana Republic | BILLIE BOOT by Madewell


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