spring 10×10 part five

The Final Chapter!

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Also, I finally found a more attractive spot to take photos at home. I actually made a switch in my 10 items for this look. I traded out my black & white patterned silk tank for this black & white patterned silk button-down (old by Everlane). It’s just a little too chilly still for bare arms. And this look actually ended up being one of my favorites! I used to love this top, but lately it’s been feeling a little stale with my usual straight jeans. Pairing it with these wide leg crops feels totally fresh, and I love the shape created by tucking the top into the high-waist. Will definitely file this one for future use.

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Got creative with my Michael Stars dress again for day eight, and this is another favorite look that’s also extremely comfortable. Just, once again, not quite work-friendly enough with the lack of pockets. Luckily, didn’t have to do too much this day – just met my mom for lunch and to plan some upcoming travel (we’re going to Paris together this fall!)


Last day! It’s funny, this wasn’t really one of my favorite looks on, but looking at the photos it looks pretty good. Maybe will try it again, but for now, I just can’t wait to get back to the rest of my closet!


spring 10×10 part four

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Day six brings my first time wearing this Michael Stars dress for the challenge (Also Gus’ first appearance on the blog!) – I love the dress, it’s flattering and comfortable, but I realized the lack of pockets make it a no-go for work. I stayed home sick from work today, so it was a day of nothing but a few errands and relaxing at home. This look was even comfy enough for an afternoon nap! I definitely need to only shop for light jackets and vests with pockets in the future.

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spring 10×10 part three

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Back on track with my 10×10 – we’ve got a fun weekend with an out of town wedding planned in Savannah. Friday is road trip day, so it’s all about comfort. My slouchy T top, Levi’s and flat mules, plus my Emma kimono for the car air conditioning. This is my first time layering anything over my T top, and it works better than I thought it would. I think it helps that both pieces have the same loose, draped shoulder silhouette.

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spring 10×10 part two

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For day three of my 10×10, I broke out my favorite shirt – the T top by Jamie & the Jones. I really love this top. I bought it last fall, and it’s one of the most expensive pieces of clothing I’ve bought for myself (other than shoes or bags), but I never get tired of wearing it. I’ve gotten a little tired of all my button-downs, and this fills that hole in my wardrobe perfectly: it’s interesting, easy, and more polished than a t-shirt.

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spring 10×10


Yes, I’m jumping on the 10×10 bandwagon again. It’s just such a good way to really hone in on which aspects of my closet are working well for me and which aren’t. Excuse the less than attractive backdrop, but this corner of our computer/workout room has the best lighting! I am being a little more flexible with this 10×10 as I have an out of town wedding this weekend – I’m more or less planning to have my 10 days just be Mon-Fri, two weeks in a row. My day 1 look is above, and keep reading for my 10 items plus day 2.

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spring wishlist

There’s nothing better than planning for and dreaming about a new season’s wardrobe. As I’m trying to be a more responsible consumer, I’ve found it really pays off to put that extra effort into thinking about what pieces will be true closet heroes. As I looked back at my a/w ’16 purchases, all the ones that I loved and wore the most were the ones that had lived on my wishlist and really been anticipated and planned for. So, while I’ve already made some spring purchases, here’s the wishlist of the mostly larger ticket items I’m still thinking about.

1 | a drapey, short-sleeve top 


Basically a shorter sleeve, lightened up version of my beloved Jamie & the Jones T top. This one, by Two Fold Clothing, is a color that I love but rarely wear. Since I’m trying to wear less black I think it could be a nice touch to all my ivories and nudes. In a more neutral palette, Elizabeth Suzann and Jamie & the Jones have great options as well.

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spring wardrobe planning (& purchases so far)

I feel like my personal style is in a very different place from where it was last spring. In the past year, I’ve more or less stopped wearing skinny jeans, blazers and button-downs which used to be my go-to items. And I couldn’t be happier – I’ve embraced softer, slouchier shapes in higher quality natural fabrics, which always feel amazing. As I go into the spring season I wanted to get some of my thoughts down on “paper.”

1 | Describe your style in three words. Still happy with elevated | simple | cool

2 | Any style goals or shopping resolutions?

  • Plan out my purchases. I plan to avoid impulse purchases by keeping my wish list on my phone – no purchases that haven’t been on my wish list for at least a couple weeks. Also, when considering a last minute addition, compare the item to those on my wishlist.
  • Continue to shop responsibly and support independent designers. I fell in love with the small batch brands Jamie & the Jones and Elizabeth Suzann. My T top in olive has been my most loved and one of my most worn pieces of clothing for the past five months. I definitely want to continue to support them as well as some of the other brands I’ve been admiring, like Only Child.
  • Put more consideration into accessorizing. I still feel a little forced when I wear scarves, and I often forget to put on my great jewelry. I think it’s just a matter of practice/habit and experimentation.

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long time no see: a/w 16 in review

Back in a wardrobe planning headspace after beaucoup time spent elsewhere, which, honestly, is good – the whole point of my lean closet mission to enjoy time devoted to other things. I’ve currently been planning my spring wardrobe, which first necessitates some review.

First, I pulled up my 2016 fall wardrobe planning post to check in with myself. These were my personal style goals last season:

  • Shop for quality, not quantity. I did okay with this goal. I bought fewer pieces than in the past, and I bought higher quality items than in the past. I still caved in to a few fast fashion impulses, though, namely an ivory Loft moto cardigan and one too many pairs of Madewell jeans (I found a style I loved and immediately bought a second pair in a different wash which I ended up never wearing. Lesson: let one of a good thing be enough).
  • When shopping, think about outfits, not just pieces. I did much better with this goal – almost all of my a/w purchases have proven to be very versatile.
  • Feel good about every addition to my wardrobe. Similar to my first goal – in fact, the two seem to go hand in hand. I also definitely noticed that pieces I lusted after from afar longer ended up being my most worn.
  • Shop responsibly and support independent brands and makers that are producing beautiful goods. I definitely improved a great deal in this category, and discovered some new favorites in the process. I still bought from old standbys Madewell and Loft, but the majority of my a/w purchases came from independent/ethical designers that I now love: Amour Vert, Elizabeth Suzann, Another Feather jewelry, and (my favorite!) Jamie & The Jones. Plus Levi’s American Cone Mills denim from Mom for Christmas (thanks Mom!) and more Everlane basics.

In addition, last fall I listed three specific styles I wanted to try:

  1. Break away from skinny jeans. Huge success with this one – straight leg jeans are now my preferred shape, and I’m even venturing into wide-leg territory.
  2. Try more slouchy, drapey top silhouettes. Another huge success. My super slouchy Jamie & The Jones T top was my most worn and loved item last season.
  3. Accessorize. A semi success. I did wear my Madewell neck scarves pretty regularly, but sometimes it felt a little forced. The Another Feather necklace I bought was exactly what I was looking for, but I find myself often forgetting to wear it. Still need more work on my accessories game.

Stay tuned later this week for Spring planning and purchases so far.

10×10, days three & four

Day 3

Today was a sad, sad day. I was just re-discovering and falling in love all over again with my Billie boots after they had been packed away all summer. Alas, at work today I dropped an entire can of woodstain which, of course, spattered my boots completely. A couple of hours of surgery with a suede eraser (and even a razor – that woodstain went deep!) got them in wearable condition but there’s still a large, noticeable spot on the right toe. In better news, I am really loving this black vest. I normally only wear it in summer, but after thinking about all the ways I can style it for the 10×10 makes me realize I should keep it in my closet year-round. This one is a few years old by Sam Edelman, and I will say it’s pilled slightly from wear. Fingers crossed that Elizabeth Suzann brings back a version of the Keaton duster for warm weather 2017; that will be the perfect replacement.

vest (NA) by Sam Edelman | silk tank (NA) by Madewell | skinny denim (NA) by Banana Republic | BILLIE BOOT by Madewell

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